TEA TIME: Nepal Kanchanjanha Tea Estate Black Tea

January 15, 2017



Hello Everyone, 


Here is my first tea testing ! I went to Ten Thousands Villages and picked out thier selections of tea and found Organic tea from Nepal, Kanchanjangha Tea Estate by New Skill and Development Learning Experience (New SADLE).  I wanted to tell if this was a dupe for Red Rose, or just another great tea to add to the collection.  



Made from Himialayan bushes grown under chemical-free conditions, these delightful teas offer a taste unique to this part of the world. Refreshing to the body and mind, organic teas also thought to help fight certain bacteria and virisues. All spices and herbs used for flavouring are organically grown as well - From yellow slip included in the package. 

Price - $9.00 (CAD) 

Ingredients - black tea leaves 

Grams : 100 ( 50 bags)



Here are the links to 


Ten Thousands Villages - 

The Kanchanjangha Tea Estate & Research Centre (KTE) ( Nepal site)  - http://www.organickte.com/index.php

USA site - https://nepalteallc.com/

New SADLE - http://newsadle.org.np/ 







Now back to the tea ! 


How I will rate the tea : 


1. Package detail and grams 

2. Smell 

3.  drinking the tea ; plain, with milk ( since a black tea) 

4. Compare to a similar tea 















My Thoughts :


The packaging was beautiful. It’s a small purse that stores the tea bags. It was tea on the front; with small detailed of reds, greens, and yellows. On the back was multiple colours of stripes. Super adorable tea bag! A great way to store tea. The tea is a black tea.

My first initial thought to the smell was WOOOOW ! The smell! I know for a fact they were not lying when it was an organic tea. It was strongly pungent. It smells like a field of dirt. It’s not a pleasant smell. After steeping, the smell faded. The colour was a beautiful and rich. KTE Black tea is more reddish brown than darker brown. If you look below, you ll see two cups of the two different teas. I used Red Rose Orange Pekoe Black tea since it was like the KTE Black tea. Once the tea has steep the Red Rose has a darker and more bitter taste while KTE is just plain black tea, It was semi bitter and refreshing. With the milk, It was light and delicious. Overall, There were only a few slight differences from the tea that tastes similar to Red Rose. I don’t think you need to buy this tea. I think it will make a lovely gift for friends and family who prefer organic. If you are a black tea drinker, prefer Red Rose tea, then I think you’ll like this tea.



Final rate – 4.5. / 5 stars

What is your favourite tea to have in the morning? or do you prefer coffee ?









* All photos were taken by Maddi Clark. 2017.* 

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