Scentsy Spring Haul

April 29, 2017

Happy Spring!


My recent purchases from Scentsy came in and I thought that it would be great to do a haul. I love Scentsy a lot because not only do there products smell lovely and fantastic, it's friendly price and unique for everyone. Scensty is where you can purchase wickless candles and essential oils and house product that can fit for the customer needs. I have been using Scensty for a year and still have my first ever Scentsy bar (World Traveller), burning niclely. This is my spring collection that only contains Scentsy bar. I did pick a few essentials oils but didn’t add to the video. The video will show a close up of each product ! The thing about this order that is randomis that I recieved a free spatula .... What.Am.I.Suppose.To.Used. It. For.

Maybe to create my own magical scent?





Edit: I was incorrect. The spatula is to scrape the oil from building form the diffuser. Not to dabble in the art of creating essential oils. I wish.  


And of course, I am using this opportunity to use to describe book characters with theses scents! 


Enjoy ! 


Scensty Site - To find out more about the company. 





This Fragrance smells like sweet lemon and pine needles with a intriguing dash of vetiver.


In the order, I gotten the Scentsy Scent May 2017 of the month. It is called “Cambridge”,  A wondrous earthy, lemony scent. Cambridge supposedly is supposed to have a dash of vetiver which I have no idea how to identify it that smell. All I smell is Lemon. This is a much powerful aroma to Luna or World Traveller. This scent reminds me of Will Herondale in the Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare. If I am not mistaken, In Clockwork Princess, Tessa runs into Will and mentions how he just finishing washing up and smell of lemons. 





White florals — jasmine, sweet pea, and freesia — juicy berries, and sandalwood shimmer like moonlight. This Fragrance smells like sweet lemon and pine needles with a intriguing dash of vetiver


Luna is one of my favourite scent that I picked this month. It reminds me of Kaz from Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo. A very masculine scent with a undectable hint of the berries. Kind of like his aloof personality and hint of sweetness in him. I love the colouring of Luna - A sea blue colour that has a tiny shimmer. I could strongly smell the Jasmine and Sandalwood. Once lit its creates such a warmth atmosphere in the room.


World Traveler  


BlackBerry, Dark pomegranate and oak bark inspire adventure.


This scent has been with me for the last eight months at my time in college. Candles are not permitted in dorms, yet there nothing in the books that low-watt lights are allowed. Lol . The scent reminds me of Brokk from Black Dawn by Mallory McCartney. Brokk is a precious cinnamon bun.  I gotten this Scentsy bar when I was in Toronto for the Labour Weekend Fair. I am really love anything earthy and rich masculine scent.  It’s such a great scent and is a strong aroma. Once lit, the dark pomegranate stands out. World Traveller is a darker blue of Luna with no shimmer.


White Tea & Cactus

A tea fragrance mixed with lighter florals, White Tea & Cactus is clean, refreshing yet calming scent.


Clean and refreshing scent is what I want to get me in the mood for spring cleaning and digging for spring books. Currently reading a refreshing new novel that is releasing in June 2017 called Saints and Misfits by S.K.Ali where readers get to be read about a young Muslim woman named Janna who story is empowering and enriching as she explores her identity through friendship, family and faith. Janna is such a refreshing new voice and has really has taught me a valuable lesson on faith and how to be powerful young woman. The colour of White tea and cactus is it is more of a sea foam green. Such a beautiful colour. 


My Dear Watson

Refreshing bergamot contrasted with mint, cedar, and suede. Sophisticated and smart.

Do I even have to explain my choice for this lovely masculine spice scent? Sherlock Holmes. “The game is afoot.” ― Arthur Conan Doyle. I love the novels, movies and TV show. I tried all the time to impersonate a British accent…and it’s awful. The scent I reorder because I am obsessing with the scent. It is an overwhelming aroma to be warn. My Dear Watson is a sunny spring day blue for colouring.  Highly recommended!

Frosted White Birch

A cool breeze of peppermint frost, eucalyptus and lavender gently warms to blonde woods, fir needle and amber.

I was really intrigue with the name and anything with frost is a sold for me. I love frost, anything that wintery. I could not resist. The colouring is B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L. A smooth ivory white. I love it and the smell! Oh the smell is heavenly! This is a woodsy scent with a hint of eucalyptus is perfect combination. The scent reminds me of Arcus from Frostblood by Elly Blake. (IF Elly Blake read this, Arcus smells lovely.)  He is aloof, scarred fierce warrior who has the selfless heart.  Highly recommended.


Lilacs and Violets


Perfect combination of lilacs and violets — the smell of spring!

This scent is very very Lilac! It was like a bucket of Lilacs just dump on me. It’s very overwhelming but relaxing and welcoming scent. This may not be one of my favourite but its enjoyable scent to jump into spring. I admire the purple colouring. Such a beautiful colour. This reminds me of Tamlin from ACOWAR by Sarah J Maas. Tamlin is from the spring court. ACOWAR is releases on May 2 2017 and there has been so much hype from snippets to spoilers releasing on social media. I think those who love floral scents, this is the scent for you.


Pacific Daydream


Make your ocean escape, even if it’s just in reverie. Beachy lime, pineapple and sweet candy sugar are sprinkled with fresh Hawaiian sea salt for a scent straight from the shoreline. 


I am daydreaming for the day I made enough money to take myself to a exotic designation to deep my feet into the cool water, feeling the salty, ocean breeze against my face and take a sip of delicious pineapple drink – okay. I am getting way ahead of myself. I really love this fresh oceany scent. To me, it smells really salty. It’s not strong when its lit up. I really like the smell and adore the blue colouring. This reminds me of Emma Carstair from Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare. Just a breezy, wonderful smell to make you feel closer to summer.







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