My Book Shelf Tour !

June 20, 2017


Hello Everyone ! 


Today I am going to show you my current book shelf....or lack of it. It not actually a book shelf [ to be real, I do not think its even meant to hold books yet I needed something to keep my books off the floor before I ruin them.] Its a shelf in the closet that are holding my books and bookish items until the rest of my books travel from my mom house to my current new place. Looking back, this is literally the third time moving back to Oshawa, Ontario - feels mostly like the millionath time. I moved to Oshawa in 2015 to go the local college, then I moved back to Kingston, moved back to Arden , Ontario for the summer, move to North Bay than back to Oshawa, back to North Bay and finally, settling back to Oshawa. Can I just sit for one hot minute? Cleary not. I am always on the move ! 


I will be answering how I organzie my book shelf currently and why, what shelf I been thinking of getting, how I colllect my books and what I been reading currently. 


Enjoy ! 



Book Shelf Tour Summer 2017


Here is what my current bookshelf looks like. Isn't just so pretty and warm?  Yes,it looks pretty boring and sore-eyed to looked at. Hopefully, soon I can make it better. My little bookshelf currently lives in my closet. Its built-in shelfs made for clothes and other things to stroage - not books. It is just a nuiance to keep opening the closet door just to pull my attention at the books. As I mention, Last name of the author is really important for me since I like to pull the book right away and now have to scramble and move books around if I accidently misplace. I like to keep track what author (s) book(s) I get too wether ARC or final copy. On my third shelf is all I need for writing or office space since I dont own any office space yet. I have books on how to work on anixety and mental health, sketchbooks and journals to write and my splendid Keys-to-go keyborad to write on my phone when I am away from my lap. On the second shelf I have a ton of adoreable and picturesque buttons that I collected over the last three years.  On my first shelf which may be hard to see but I have a Shadowhunter steele, two wands and a Doctor Who screwdriver ( David Tennant). 



How do I collect my books ? 


I have collected books since I can remember reading my first book. I fell instantly in love with books at a young age. Books became my passion, my zen and overall, happiness - more the stories than the material. Books help me get through school, from personal life to escape for a mintue. It gave my brain to breathe and explore all the endless imagination. I felt my confidence boost after reading an epic female warrior or learning more about true stories about Canada pasts, surviours of many wars. 

  • Books from friends & family 

  • Books Sales & Book Events ( book clubs, reading challenages, author signings) (30%)

  • Giveaways (50%)

  • Publishers (20 %) 

  • my own pocket money ( 90%).  

How Do I organize my books on my bookshelf ? 


I used to organize my books by my favourite books on the top shelf and then work my way down until I get to the books I haven't read or are ARCS. When I was in colllege, I had it be Hardcover, Paperback and ARCS by the author last name and genre. Right now,I am using just the author last name. I want to do the rainbow organizing but I know I would just move it back to a proper place of author place ( The little Librarain  in me :). It also gives me an idea of what is on my shelf incase I have more books by that author and not scrambling around to find a specific book. I hate not beng able to find that book. 



 Let me know what is the best way to organzie a bookshelf because I feel I am failing at trying to make my bookshelf appealing. 



What type of book- shelf is that and where do you get it ? 


I really suggest not to even think about getting a shelf like. This is not a proper bookshlef. Its impractial and can barely hold the weight of books. This is a shelf for clothes or little trinkets, not for a 3 pound book. I would buy a very stridy bookshelf that can last for 5 years. The shelf I had for school was from Walmart, although I got a great deal on it, sadly it worn pretty quick in two months. Also I loathe the texture of the wood. Cheap wood. No. I would bring my five shelf from my mom house that has always been my book shelf since I moved to Ontario a long time ago. That shelf is practial. It made of wood and steel. I used to even clean on top of it just for curiosity and stuipdiness. There is no chip or bent . Its in pristine condition. It sounds amazing, right? That shelf is very very heavy. Like I said, it heavy wood and super glue together that you cannot take it apart. which is a constent annnoyance and utter disater trying to move the shelf. I seen movers

having to have four people carried it because of the awkard weight. Now the shelf is build in and I believe Home Depot? It been here longer than myself. 


I am debating on these two  options: 




What is my current read ? 


I am currently going back and forth between When Dimple Met Rishi by Sandhya Menon and Final Girls by Riley Sager. Both highly reccommended reads ! I think I reread When Dimple met Rishi four times now. I have become well acquainted to the amazing characters. I love Dimple and Rishi.  Rishi is such a adorale and delightful guy. He loves tradition, his family and dedicated to his beliefs and customs. Not only does he want to follow the steps of being a good son of going to a great  school for engeering and computer science, wants to get marry to Dimple and be successful. Yet, his heart not fully into it. He also loves to draw comics - the typical " Art is just a silly hobby, never a real job". In addition, Dimple is not a tradtion indian woman. She wants to be in wed development and coding. She is a driven, intelligent and femmist. She very influencial. She does not want to be married and be a at home mom. She craves being successful, not the settling at 18. Together, the two are so adorable, your heart will melt. Finals Girls is far from being cute and ice coffee. I slowly starting to develop a liking to thriller and suspensful thrillers. My heart cannot stop beating so fast when I get glued into the book. The book sucks you in the first 50 pages, gasping and checking to make sure no one is standing behind you. Its fantastic and I can't wait to finished it. 


What is my favourite bookish Item ? 


I really love my Read the North mug. I am a sucker to mugs. You can put 50 mugs on the table to pick and it could take me hours to choose which one I love. 

Signing out, 


Maddi Clark 

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