YA Extravaganza at @chaptersbramptn.

September 3, 2017


Hello Everyone, 


A few weeks ago, I got to attend the YA Extravaganza at @chaptersbramptn . This was my first time attending the event and I am beyond grateful for getting the opportunity to go. The Brampton Chapters is a welcoming and cheery space. The employees are wonderful. I really happy to have the opportunity to visit the branch for the event.


I want to give the biggest thank-you hug to Adriyanna Zimmermann ( aka  akzfineart). She is such a sweet person. I promise you. She is full of light and sunshine. She was kind enough to take me with her. She is a book blogger, Please check her work out - https://lifewritingsofareader.wordpress.com/.


The event was successful.  I enjoyed it so much, just being able to sit and relax and listen to the authors affectionally banter back and forth about their upcoming books, writing experiences and fandoms. What they had to say is truly aspiring and quirky. The questions were fantastic. The signing was absolutely fun. Who doesn't like to be able to get a quick face-to-face with authors you do not get to see every day.  My favourite part of the experience was when author, Elly Blake mic kept censoring her as she was trying to speak for the first 15 minute of event. The picture below is just at the moment when the tech guy came and took her microphone away from her!  :) 



The authors were Elly Blake, E K Johnston , Sarah Tolcserer, Traci Chee, and Tara Simm. [Below, I have details of their books]. 



"I'm trying really hard to make art while being a well-adjusted person. So I have to carve out time to exercise and do things" 


"I want to fight against the idea we have to be miserable to make art, and that means carving out time to take care of things- @tracichee


I also want to given honorable menions to  F M Boughan for her new released of  Cinderella, Necromancer, a dark twisted tale of Cinderella.

As well as authors and book bloggers, Sarena & Sasha of the https://www.sarenasashabooks.com/ .

The pictures from the event with the authors:






Elly Blake 


Elly Blake is such a gem! This was the second time I have met her and it always feels like the first time. I met Elly back in February at Ontario Library Association Super Conference 2017. I read her book right after I return from the four-day conference and became obsessed with her book Frostblood. I even gotten a hug from her this time! In my mind, I was screaming. She is truly lovely and kind. If you love fantasy books that dwells with elements; this is the book for you. The second book releases September 12 th in hardcover. Firebloods is on my TBR for September.  


 E K Johnson 


I never met anyone who is a bigger star-war fan than E K Johnson. I recently watch the recent Star Wars movies and can understand why she love Kylo Ren.Her books are clever and engrossing.  I LOVE A Thousand Nights. I admired Exit, pursed by Bear, and of course adored Ahsoka. I met E K Johnson as well at Ontario Library Association Super Conference 2016. I missed her signing by 2 minutes. I did not give up. I search the expo area and thank goodness she wore her Captain America backpack and found her ! I retold this to her at the signing and she remembered me ! Colour me shocked, Erin Bow was at the signing and one of the books that E K Johnson placed in my hand was a copy of the scorpion rules by her.  E k Johnson writing is unique and pleasant. Her story-telling is absorbing and utterly stunning. Did I mention very Canadian? Her new novel That Inevitable Victorian Thing releases October 3rd 2017.






 Traci Chee  


This book has been on my TBR since I first heard about it. I am fixated with the cover. The Reader is supposedly to be mesmerizing fantasy about the power of words, stories, families, and friendships. I will be reading this book at the end of September or early -October. The Speaker, the second book is being released November 7 th 2017. Traci beautiful and every so kind !






Tara Simm


Timekeeper is such a delightful, fantastic reading experience. I love the complex world, mythology of the time gods and the plethora of characters. I love the concept of time and just able to be in an alternate Victorian world.  I love the first novel so much that I spent half an hour of creating a theme clockwork spirit . I never glow so much from all the highlight I was used ! Danny is charming and Colton...a ball of sunshine and light.  This book will be a excellent choice for readers who enjoy fantasy books, a m/m swoon-worthy romance and adventure to race against time. The second book, Chainbreaker releases November 7, 2017. 




Sarah Tolcser  


The cover ! GOALS ! I am in love with the synopsis of Song of the current . Another cover I am  drawn too. Song of the current is a fantasy novel that is epic mythology with privateers. If you are a reader who wants to enter a world at sea, this is the book for you.  Also, who doesn’t like having strong and bold female protangist. I been heard really good things about the book earlier this year and could not wait to meet Sarah at the event. She is so cool. I love her attitude and personality. 



Who is one author you want to meet face-to-face before the year ends ? 



Signing out, 


Maddi Clark 

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