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Happy May Everyone!!

Life Update :

I am back from taking time off from finishing college and moving back in with my family for temporary purposes. I am happy that I took a break from everything to settle down, relax and read. Next big step is settling down and looking for a job. In the mean time I will be reading the new books that are being released in May! I cannot contain my excitement of all the May releases! There are so many to read. I also have BIG news coming soon!

Books I read in April :

Stolen Song Bird & Hidden Huntress : Danielle Jensen

4.7 Stars

Hidden Mountains. Curses. Dark Magic. Trolls. Half-bloods. Humans. Opera Singers. Bonded by Marriage. Tristen. Yes. Trolls. NOW do not start to judge, first off, just rude. Second, this novel is indulging and completely amazing. It is a retelling of Beauty and the Beast. Cécile is a flawed and raw character. She is fierce and intelligent, and tends to cause a lot of trouble for Tristan. I could probably write a whole novel about how precious brooding Tristian is and how focused he is on trying to save his people. I even fell more in love with Hidden Huntress, the second book in this series. I need to get the third book ASAP.

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The Dead List : Jennifer L Armentrout 3.7 stars

I read The Dead List when Jennifer would release a chapter every few days on Wattpad last year and enjoyed every minute of it. It was thrilling, entertaining. I was obsessed with trying to find out who was the brutal killer. This is a great book for anyone who loves JLA books and needs something to settle down for a Friday night. It felt like I was watching a movie! It was fast-paced, gripping and swoon worthy. Warning; there are creepy clown masks throughout the book!

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Empire of Storms : Sarah J Maas 3.7 Stars

Okay before I get into my opinion of Empire of Storms. Up front I must say that I was not going to read or even finish the Throne of Glass series. I love the first book. Throne of Glass was splendid. The Cinderella combine with assassins and high fantasy; really interesting concept. the Crown of Midnight, I thought was really entertaining. However, I really really dislike the third novel. I just could not get over the abuse of Rowan and Celaena relationship. It is very unhealthy. I deeply consider how dark and horrific their past has been, yet that does not give the excuse for what they do they do to each other. It unacceptable. I stop reading the books. It was not until mid-February that my dear friends from class told me to read it . I got off my high horse and read the books trying hard to not enjoy the books. However, I melt under Sarah J Maas' world and could not resist loving the rest of the series. I am really satisfied with the characters at where they are in the moment, who they used to be and have now become, the expanding world and all the little things that will cause a big bang in to the last books. I am OBSESSED with Lysandra and Aedion, Dorian and Manon and of course, Evangeline. I am content and ready for the Chaol book. I recommend to read Empire of Storms for those who are in the same boat as me when I try to read Heir of Fire.

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Coming Up for Air (Hundred Oaks) : Miranda Kenneally

4.5 stars

I want to thank Netgallery for an early copy of Coming up for Air. I finished rereading it four times. I love Hundred Oaks. Its sporty, raw, cute, and teenage angst. Even some guests from the series will be mentioned! It was delightful to see them. I will be writing a review soon on more of my thoughts.The release date is July 4 th 2017.

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Saints and Misfits : S K Ali

5.5 Stars

I have been anticipating this novel for ages. I met at S.K. Ali when I was at the OLA Super Conference at the Simon & Schuster Canada booth. This book sounds phenomenal. I just admire the cover of the book (the cover was revealed in April). I think that not only will I find this enjoyable but informative. I don't know much about many cultures besides my own and the same goes for the Muslim culture and belief. I always respected the culture and I want this novel to be eye opening for me. This novel is meant for female power. I will be doing a full review this week, stay tune for that. [EDIT] - This book is mindful and wonderful. I am utterly lost for words. I haven't admired a character as much as I do Janna in a long time. I am just fluttering from a book high right now. I LOVE how it represents Muslims and the community. There needs to be more. I cannot tame my energy of how much this book means to me as a non-Muslim. I hope that everyone reads this book because it benefits everyone.

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Happy Book Birthday to all the books being released in the month of May! The top seven I hope to read this month :

1 . Lord of Shadows ( The Dark Arfirices #2) : Cassandra Clare

I am not ready for this! My heart is racing and I am getting chills as I keep scrolling through all the snippets that Cassie Clare has posted on her blog. I just finished rereading The Infernal Devices, rekindling my love for Will Herondale, Jem Carstairs and Tessa Gray (My favourite Young Adult character duo) I know want to reach out and grab City of Bones from my shelf, however there are other books that I need to read before rereading it. I have been reading and watching videos of everyone theories and it makes me squeal, panic and just want to drop dead. I just want good things to happen for the Blackthorns family. I will lose my mind if anything happens to Kit or Ty... and Mark. Maybe Kieran, Julien and Emma... I think I would burn the world for them to have their fair share of happiness.

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2. A Court Of Wings and Fury : Sarah J Maas

Will Cassian get his wings back ? Will Rhys and Freye be together to have a million Rhys babies ? Who will live? DUN DUN DUN! There are too many conflicted feelings I have toward ACOWAR. The end of ACOMF ruined me! Made my blood boil and want to shake down a whole mountain. It is quite fortunate that I live in Ontario where I currently inhabit hills and not mountains. I am desperate for answers. I am trying my best to out run the unfortunate mundane that they think it’s right to spoil the book before its out. I am crossing my fingers for a happy ending. Please, Sarah. This is the Final installment of A Court of Thorns and Roses.

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3. Leigon ( Talon #4 ) by Julie Kagawa

Okay. This is one of the biggest reads I have been trying to control my unpredictable emotions for because Julie Kagawa is really incredible at crushing your heart into a billion pieces, then by some god, replenishes again and then stabs you in the back when you thought everything was going great. I don't know if I am ready to know what happens to precious... It hurts just thinking about it. Nope. I got this. If I went through all the emotions in the Iron Fey series, I can do anything.

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4. Royal Bastards

I have a ARC that I recieved when I was at OLA Super Conference in February and cannot wait to read it. It sounds amazing and up my alley. Royal Bastards. Rebellion. Sounds like a fantastic book.

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5. Maud: A Novel Inspired by the Life of L.M. Montgomery : Melanie J. Fishbane

I literally scream when I recieved the email from Netgallery that I was approved for a ARC eBook of Maud. I live, eat, and breathe for Anne of Green Gables. I remember when I was five when my mom gave me my first copy of Anne of Green Gables. I fell in love with the feminist dreamer. I wanted her spark of independence, of wanting and bigger than words. I used to dream to have red hair. I am fangirling over the fact there was a book for Maud. I feel that every child should read Anne of Green Gables. Its inspiring, charismatic and brilliant. Lucy Maud Montgomery is legendary and I cannot wait to read something so dear to me. I hope the younger generation is introduce to such an iconic and powerful Canadian Woman.

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6. Flame in the Mist (Flame in the Mist, #1) : Renee Ahdieh

If you felt captivated and enchanted by The Wrath and the Dawn, then I highly suggest you pick up Flame in the Mist. Its a magical tale of samurai, alchemy and assassians. I just want it in my hands right now.

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7. When Dimple Met Rishi : Sandhya Menon

Dimple. Rishi. How can you not love the book by the name of the title. This is a novel for the fuzzies, cotton candy and a smile face with hearts exploding from its eyes. I just want to hug both characters together. On a serious note, these are TWO indian perspective of culture, family, friendship and faith. Another diverse book I want to read.

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Other Mentions :

Books from my TBR Shelf I want to read :

I decided to add theses two because not only am I excited for the new releases, i really ampt to get through my pile of books I want to read from my TBR list. I want to read as much as I can before I start my fulltime job depending what happens in the next month or so.

Rebel in the Sands : Awlyn Hamiton

TruthWitch : Susan Dennard

What are you reading this month ? Comment !

Signing out,

Maddi Clark


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