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I did it again. I could not resist a book deal. Don't we all? I'm really bad when it comes to Indigo/Chapters book deals . When I see a book deal, I tend to reach for it even when I know I have books sitting on my bookshelf, calling to me to read them than leave them to get dusty and forgotten. However this is a deal you do not want the opportunity to miss. This is the deal " 5 FOR $25 ON SELECT TEEN BOOKS" that ends on July 30th 2017. I chose books that I seen all over social media platforms. Three of the books are Fantasy/Paranormal/Fiction and the rest are Realistic Fiction. I gravitate toward Fantasy or paranormal fiction - Its just my preference. I hope to do reviews for all the books in the future to know I gotten a good deal on the books.

Here is the link :

Let's unpack the box and see what I got!


INTO THE DIM| Janet B. Taylor Time-Traveling? Scotland? Family secrets? Rich with period detail? Tesla science and Middle age History? Swoon-worthy romance? SOLD ! I snatched this book as soon as I saw it. Meaning I just took one look at the cover and knew I needed this book on my shelf. When you pull the cover jacket off and see it naked - IT'S MARBLE ! Really wicked ! I have no idea what the book is about except from the quick blurb from Diana Gabaldon (author of Outlander). I am currently reading it, and I adore it so much. Even though many readers are going to think this is similar to Outlander, this reminds me more of Alexandra Bracken, Passenger. I love the concept of having 72 hours to time-traveling and Tesla science - which is not often to see in books. The book is engaging and enjoyable. Books Recommendations : Outlander by Diana Gabaldon, Passenger by Alexandra Bracken, Timeless by Alexandra Monir, The Girl From Everywhere by Heidi Heilig, All Our Yesterdays by Cristin Terril and Kindred by Octavia E. Butler.

This book price (CANADA) is $25.50 in Hardcover *gasp*, and with the sale I got it for $6.00. I think that was a pretty great steal.

WORLD OF INK AND SHADOW| Lena Coakley Charlotte, Branwell, Emily, and Anne. The famous Bronte sisters. The only book I read by the Bronte sisters is Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte. That is it. I've been debated over the last year to get it. Only because this book is about being inside the minds of theses brillant and intelligent sisters. It throws me off a bit since its all imagination and bits of reality. Basically, the book is about the Bronte sisters who are able to write about and enter a magical world of their own creation - a world called Verdopolis - and two of the sisters disappear and they have to write to get them back. Such a interesting yet bizarre concept I am willing to give it a go.

Book Recommendations : Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte, and Jane Erye by Charlotte Brontë

This book price (CANADA) is $19.99 in Hardcover *gasp*, and with the sale I got it for $6.00. I think that was a good deal.

VENGEANCE ROAD | Erin Bowman I was hooked by the cover! I didn't care less what the book was about. My eyes glued to the cover as my hand magically moved mouse to add to cart. I cannot stopped staring at it! I've never been able to finish a Western novel. I get lost with the voice of the character since I found them dull and not engaging. Kate - the MC is supposed to be a fun and a rare character. From the reviews, this book sounds utterly fantastic and adventurous that will leave readers breathless. This book set in 1877, in Arizona Territory, and has shoot 'em up action scenes, bloody revenge, shoot outs, saloons and cowboys (and girls). Book Recommendations : Walk on Earth a Stranger by Rae Carson, and The GunSlinger by Stephen King.

This book price (CANADA) is $25.50 in Hardcover *gasp*, and with the sale I got it for $6.00. I think that was a bloody great deal.

A STEP TOWARD FALLING | Cammie McGovern I read A Step Toward Falling when I was home for the break from college, but only got into the first five chapters and it was engrossing, hopeful and stunning. If you love Say What You Will then you will love this book. The book is about two students who after watching a girl with developmental disabilities get attacked and save herself, did nothing to stop it, get caught and must complete community service at a center for disabled people. Book Recommendations : Holding Up the Universe by Jennifer Niven , and The Beginning of Everything by Robyn Schneider

This book price (CANADA) is $21.50 in Hardcover *gasp*, and with the sale I got it for $6.00. I think that was a good deal.

NOT IF I SEE YOU FIRST | Eric Lindstrom I was watching an Instagram Stories and noticed that one of the bookstagram accounts called TheBooksBuzz was talking about how much she loves this book, how its her most favourite book of 2016. Now when a book blogger or reader says a book is their favourite of 2016 (or year), My inner bookish self is saying MINNEEEE! I need to go grab it now! I place it in the back of my mind to the next time I'm in a bookstore is to search for the book. Then I notice it in the sale. It was a sign to get it. I was really pulled in by the cover because its colourful and in Braille. I really love reading about rare characters who disabilities because I feel they're more relatable and can give me a new perspective of the world and educate me. Parker (mc) is brutally honest and frank.The writing is supposed to be fresh and stunning. I am going to be reading for the Booktubeathon 2017. Book Reccomendations : The Fault In Our Stars by John Green, Blind by Rachel DeWoskin. This book price (CANADA) is $21.50 in Hardcover *gasp*, and with the sale I got it for $6.00. I think that was a good deal.

What is your favourite book of 2016? Signing out, Maddi Clark

*ALL photos are taken by Maddi Clark,2017*


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