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Today is the release of New York Times bestselling author Jennifer L. Armentrout, Moonlight Sins. Moonlight Sins is the beginning of a new contemporary romance series and it has an optimistic start. The characters were dashing, egotistical and mysterious. As I maintained to reading over the weeks I could only think was how I would not be able to survive 24 hours with the De Vincent brothers; like no bribing would tempt me to be in the same room as them. I love Jennifer L Armentrout writing and creatively. Always emotional and intense. I have never been a huge Thriller/Romance type of reader, but Jennifer oddly knows how to spark the reader and create such ludicrous and irresistible characters. If you are a reader who is looking for a witty-batter, sizzling hot chemistry and thrill of a dark romance, this is the book for you.

Enjoy !

*Ebook ARC kindly provided, in exchange for an honest review*

Moonlight Sins (de Vincent #1)

Jennifer L. Armentrout

Harper Collins/Avon Books

Janurary 30th 2018

ebook, 400 pages


3.7 / 5 Stars


Julia Hughes has always played it safe until she learned a very painful lesson. Now Julia’s starting over with a job in the Louisiana bayou—and a scorching encounter with a stranger, only to discover he’s Lucian de Vincent... her new employer. The de Vincent brothers share a massive fortune and a dark reputation. Julia cares for their troubled sister, but a menacing presence in the mansion—and the ever-present temptation of Lucian—prove dangerously distracting. Lucian’s grandmother claimed de Vincent men fall in love once—and hard. Apparently, it’s Lucian’s turn. Julia’s compassionate care of his twin makes Lucian want to lay himself bare. But some secrets are better for Julia not to know. The recent “suicide” of Lucian’s father is the latest in a string of deaths on the estate. Someone is eliminating the de Vincents. And the best way to get to Lucian may be through Julia...

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Personal Thoughts

Moonlight Sins is a gothic, salacious and creepy AF novel. A promising start to a new series by Jennifer L Armentrout. Jennifer l Armentrout style is super sexy beautiful people, slow-burning lustful romance and gripping plot twist. Moonlight Sins is more mature, more daring and intrigue from Jennifer's previous novels such as Wait for you series or Frigid. Just pass me a fan to cool down my heated face.

Julia Hughes is a very likable character. Julia is admirable, breath-taking beautiful and kind. Julia is a live-in nurse who gets hired by a wealthy client to care for a family member. But when she gets to her new job in Louisiana she doesn't realize it's one of the wealthiest families in the country. Dun dun dun...The De Vincent’s !! A family shrouded in secrets, sins, and money! They are compelling and beautiful and have many skeletons in their bedroom closets.

And did you find anyone walking around?” Her brows pinched together. “No.” “I’m not particularly surprised by that.” A look of confusion flickered across her face. “And why is that?” “You haven’t heard, Ms. Hughes?” “Heard what?” she asked after a beat. “Heard the rumors about this house—about our family?” One single brow rose as she tilted her chin to the side. “I have no idea where you’re going with any of this, but—” “They say our house is haunted.” He couldn’t help himself as he continued, “And that our family is cursed. Or it’s the land that is cursed and our family that is haunted? I always get those two confused.”

Instead of fleeting, Julia decides to stay and care for the De Vincent sister, Maddie de Vincent who mysteriously disappeared ten years ago, the night their mother died, and then all of a sudden resurfaces in some severe unresponsive state. Not only that, there is the recent suicide by Lucian’s father that is currently afflicting the brothers because the police have determined that it was murder and not suicide after all. As the house starts to feel like an episode of Paranormal State, the longing between Julia and Lucian grows from lust to passionate love.

(It's a lot to take in. I know).

How does one describe the De Vincent brothers? You know that one Kelly Clarkson song "All I ever wanted"? That would be the song their song. They are hot then cold and scary ALL the time. They are sexy, dangerous, and flawed. Rich and decadent. Broken and shadowed by loss, rejection, and guilt. Almost not human. Even though Moonlight Sins is mainly about Lucian, the other brothers, of course, made an appearance. Dev is mafia scary. If you see him walking, run the other way really fast. There something eerie and strange about him. He very pushy and will do anything to clean up messes. I just did not like him. Gabe on the other hand, I found myself having a major crush on. He is the middle child and the middleman to stop his brothers from killing each other. Lucian is such a mouth-watering candy. He is seductive and reckless and really has a good heart. His devotion to his sister is bittersweet. I know that Julia could not be tempted with forming a relationship of pushing each other buttons, soul to soul connection and desire for each other.

The plot I struggled a lot with. I felt through a quarter of the book, I fell continuously in potholes. For a hot minute, I thought the brothers were demons from Hell. Am I entering some Louisiana paranormal world? (I was kind of disappointed to know nothing paranormal except creaking doors and footsteps and unknown presence). I did have to reread chapters because there is a lot happening. Moonlight Sins did start off fast-paced then slope in the middle then pick itself up near the end with a snap. The drama is for real in this book!

Overall, Moonlight Sins is a who-did-what, who-is-who, who-is-good and who-is-bad and is-everyone- telling-the-truth-about-who-they-are and I cannot wait for the next book !

Favourite Moments

He’d gone quiet and remote, and Lucian was never quiet—ever—or remote.

“I’m hungry,” she blurted out.

His brows knitted. Okay. She needed to elaborate on that. “I didn’t get a chance to eat breakfast. Someone made me late this morning. No names mentioned.” Lucian’s expression softened by a degree. “So I’m hungry. Do you think you can make me a sandwich?”

He now stared at her like she’d grown a third boob in the center of her forehead. “You’re asking me to make you a sandwich?” Fixing a smile on her face, she nodded. “A grilled cheese sandwich. I really love them, and I haven’t had one in forever.” He tilted his head to the side. “A grilled cheese sandwich?”

“Yes. I’m not particular with the type of bread. I like the good old unhealthy stuff—white bread, but if you have wheat or whatever, I’ll take that.” She could feel her cheeks warming, but now she kind of wanted a cheese sandwich, like for real. “Can you make me one?”

Smiling so widely she feared her face would crack. “But I’m really hungry and you wouldn’t like me if I’m really hungry.” “And why is that?”

“I get really cranky. Like next level mean,” she told him, which wasn’t a lie. “If you Google hungry, you’d find a picture of me glaring back at you. Plus, I get super dizzy and sick if I don’t eat when I’m hungry.”


“Yep.” That wasn’t exactly true. Neither was her next statement. “I think it’s a low blood sugar kind of thing.” “You think?” One brow lifted. “Shouldn’t you eat some candy then?” Crap. “Do you have candy? Because that would be great, too. Candy and a grilled cheese sandwich.”

Lucian dipped his chin and looked away as he lifted a hand, clasping the back of his neck. Silence stretched out between them, and she really thought he was going to tell her no, but then he sighed. “Lock up when you’re done.”

I think he’s going to beat me.” Lucian leaned against the bar beside her as Devlin prowled around the pool table. Only the eight ball was left. “I may need a lot of comforting later.”

Julia rolled her eyes. “I think you need a lot of stuff.”

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